Hello, my name is Myles Sketchley

Hello my name is Myles Sketchley I’m 21 years old and I am the Ambassador for Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust. So about me…I’ve got no hips, I’ve got rods in my back, I’ve got scoliosis, I’m partially sighted, I can only use one hand and I need a wheelchair to help me get around but I am GREAT and I am ME! All of those things make me special!

I am passionate about wheelchair accessibility and inclusion. I make YouTube videos about places I have been to around the world and I am always on the lookout for new places to trial to see how accessible they were to get about in a wheelchair. I like to share my findings on social media platforms so anyone and everyone can access the information they need to have an amazing time out without facing barriers. I want our world to be more inclusive for everyone. This is so families with complex health needs and wheelchair users can go on holiday or for day trips knowing what to expect when they arrive. This can take some of the worry and anxiety away for them to enjoy family time together and make everlasting memories. Sometimes I can’t film places but that doesn’t stop me doing reviews and taking lots of photos to write into a blog. Access Myles is all about accessibility and my life, including adapting my environment to make it easier for me to live independently in my family home.

As part of my role in Strongbones I do a lot of fundraising to raise awareness for children and young people with bone problems and disabilities just like me! I want to help others as much as I can, whether this be by raising money or supporting families. I research, trial and send out equipment and resource packs and bundles. I also plan the annual Strongbones party for children and their families to get together with other families to celebrate the year. To make this party happen I do a lot of research and visits to find suitable and accessible locations, contact companies, entertainment and agencies to attend the party. This is such an important event for Strongbones, it is where we thank all of the people that make our lives better.

I feel privileged to be part of this amazing charity that support me to help others, I love to call them my family!

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